Don’t Delay Your Retirement When the Economy Tanks. Do These 5 Things Instead.

Here’s a bold prediction: Sometime during the next decade, the U.S. economy is going to experience a recession. (Less bold, but possible: more than one.) We’ve been expanding for years now, and statistically speaking, we’re probably overdue. Plus, the rest of the world doesn’t look so hot these days.

Wouldn’t it be nice if investors could just pull up stakes when the economy goes south, head for cover and wait for the all-clear?

You bet. But financial markets don’t work like that. If you’re investing for retirement and planning for the long term, you need to have a bear market investing strategy that offers adequate downside protection and keeps your retirement plan on the right track. No investment strategy is completely recession-proof, of course, but the right moves can significantly reduce your risk and hasten your portfolio’s recovery when the economic picture gets brighter.

In case of recession, do these five things:

  1. Find an Adviser You Can Trust

Your choice of adviser can make all the difference in the world—not just for your bottom line, but for your peace of mind too. Evaluate candidates carefully and go with your gut.

Hiring a Mortgage Broker to Help You from the Start until the End


When you reside in Colchester or you wish to move there, you will realise that the place is totally diverse. There are areas that are close to the metro where public transportation and other key areas are easily accessible. There are also properties located in areas that are a bit remote. If you are into a quieter location, then they might be perfect for you.

This is why you need the best mortgage broker in the area to help you make the best choice. You can go ahead and search by yourself, but it could take a long time. It is also possible that you end up with the wrong choice. Also, you maybe you could have got a property at a much lower price, but you didn’t.

To make things easier for you, it is best to hire a mortgage broker. These people know exactly what fits you best. If you are searching for a mortgage broker Colchester offers, then you need one who can show you the best options available. You have to partner with a broker who has extensive connections. It means

How much does the trader’s mistake?

We are all human beings, because each of us is immune from mistakes, which can be found on your way, even the most experienced trader. Even a simple platitude can affect the result of trade – for example, a trader simply mixed buttons for sale, accidentally pressing the wrong, that it was necessary. Sometimes a trader due to simple technical errors may suffer significant losses, and some companies such errors brought losses amounting to billions of dollars. Watch out for forex trading news to always be in the know on the world market.

In Europe, you can be punished for the mistake deprivation of a career, and this may lead to a significant collapse in the markets, that will affect not only the trader made a mistake, but also to other market participants. In the Russian Federation, of course, the trader’s mistake will not lead to the collapse of the market, but it can not only cost his career, but also decide the fate of a large company. It is believed that Russian traders strictly adhere to the “dry law”, but this is not always the case.

In fact, a simple random a speculator error can cost millions of dollars. More

Freelance Writers in India: A portal every Freelance writer can trust

As the word Freelance writer in India itself suggests that it is a writer who is free to work or take up job without committing himself to a particular organisation. That means he/she can work for different organisation at a time. The writer’s diversity in writing will help him to be paid more. Freelance writing is a professionally self-employed online job. In India we can find many people like housewives, students, retired person etc. due to their time constraints will not be able to get committed to an organisation or work full time. So these people can only work in flexible timings. Finding the client each timeafter the project is completed is a very difficult job for the writer. And also the writers will not be getting a constant pay. For all the above reasons writers need a platform to get the job they need and also must be able to get the right payment for their work.
ly2 plays a major role in this regard and has provided great opportunity for the freelance writers in India. Launched in 2015, a portal

Invoice Financing – An Alternative to Traditional Bank Lending


Small business finance can be a maze to navigate – but when the math doesn’t add up there is one clear and easy solution which can provide everything your business needs to keep moving forward – invoice financing.

How can invoice financing help your business cashflow?

A healthy positive cashflow is essential for success in business. Cashflow maintains the momentum of any business regardless of annual turnover. It is the lifeblood of any business.

Many businesses, especially SMEs, struggle to maintain cashflow sufficient to meet regular overheads such as paying suppliers, covering wages and salaries, and poor or stagnant cashflow is often the main reason behind small business failures – even though a business may have substantial money owed to it by clients.

So how does invoice financing work?

Quite simply, invoice financing fills the gap between making a sale and collecting the value of the related invoice for that sale. Normally, a percentage of the value of the invoice(s) can be advanced almost immediately (within 24 hours typically).

The popularity of invoice financing is increasing as it provides a quick and easy method for businesses of all

Compensation for a Workplace Burn Injury: Why the Law is on Your Side

Burn injuries can range from the simplest (such as a minor scalding from hot water or steam) to the most severe, such as major 3rd degree burns all over a person’s body. In the worst case scenario, a burn injury can even be fatal.

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a burn injury whilst at work, be it due to the handling of chemicals or hot liquids, being exposed to a hot surface, or electrical equipment which is faulty or unsafe, then you may be entitled to compensation from your employer. But how do you know if you deserve compensation? Here are some important reasons why the law is on your side – and what you should do.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) and the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)

According to the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations of 1999 and Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, employers in the UK have a direct and clear responsibility to make sure that all their workers are able to work in an environment which is deemed safe. This also includes keeping employees safe from burn risks and injuries related to burns.

7 Tips For Credit Card Management

gtThe invention of credit cards was a giant leap forward for humans. People around the world use their credit cards for all kinds of purchases and payments. The credit cards give the people, the freedom of purchasing what they want, without having to depend on their bank balance. Credit cards are used by all kinds of people in cities and towns across the world. It is a fact that a credit card can be a boon as well as a bane at the same time.

At times, people do not know how to effectively manage their credit cards. This is why, their credit score is severely affected and they find it hard to acquire financial assistance from banks and other lenders. In order to make sure that your credit score is not affected, you need to effectively manage your cards. You need to be careful about making payments and using the card for any purchase.

When you make your credit card payments on time, your credit score improves and you can obtain higher amount of credit. On the other hand, if you fail to make the

10 Tips on How to Improve Your Credit Score

1dYour credit score not only determines whether or not you will be able to get credit, it can also have an impact on the interest rates that you will be charged. If you haven’t checked your own credit score, then it might be a good idea to do so, because there are many things that you could be doing inadvertently that would adversely affect it. If you want to want to improve your credit score, there are some simple steps that you can take. Here are ten ways that can you make your credit rating better.

1. Find out what is already recorded against your name

It really is worth the few pounds that it will cost you to check out your credit score. The credit referencing agencies do make mistakes and lenders do not always pass on the correct information to them. If you register online with a credit referencing agency, you will see what is recorded against your name and you then get any errors corrected.

2. Get on the electoral roll

Even if you have no intention of voting at the next election, it is

Business Credit Building Initial Essentials

hgBefore you start applying for business credit, make sure you take the time to verify that all agencies, banks, and trade credit vendors have your business listed with the same Tax ID number.

Business address must be a real brick-and-mortar building, deliverable physical address cannot be a home address, cannot be a PO Box, and cannot be a UPS address. Some lenders will not approve and fund unless this criteria is met.

You must have a dedicated business phone number that is listed with 411 directory assistance, under the business name. Lenders, vendors, creditors, and even insurance providers will verify that your business is listed with 411.

You MUST use a business phone number, not a home or cell phone.You should get an 800 number and fax number. Voice over IP numbers are okay, you just can’t use a home phone or cell phone.

Credit providers will research your company on the internet and it is best if they learned everything directly from your company website. You should also have a professional email address such as.

These are super cheap and easy to setup. Not having either WILL make

How to Apply for a Credit Card With No Credit History

16Money which can be used to buy anything we want, yet which we do not hold, feel and count in our hands. Money which can both save our lives and destroy it. Money is a necessity and our entire life revolves around it, right from figuring out means of earning it to how to spend it and our efforts to save it for a better future.

The modern concept of money doesn’t involve its physical presence, but rather presents itself in the form of a card, a magical card which can instantly make wishes come true. The Credit Card has revolutionised money, transcending physical boundaries and opening up multiple new avenues. There are cases where the only item we need is our credit card and the prospect of carrying money has changed drastically.

Who are the people with no credit history?

Credit History is associated with everyone who has used a credit card for any purchase. The people with no credit history are mostly students and new immigrants in a country, who have never taken out loans. In the case of card applications, an individual with bad

How to Get Your Teen Started With Credit Cards

15Recently, college students were offered credit cards on campus and thus often get into debt before actually earning an income. Although, now there is a Card Act of 2009 that no longer allows credit card issuers to advertise or promote their products and services on campus. Anyway, students still face potential pitfalls. The thing is every teen thinks that he or she needs a credit card just as well as a cell phone. So, it is a smart move for any parent to use these ubiquitous devices as teaching tools meaning that they should be monitored while explaining how valuable credit may be. And this will help to protect teens from abusing credit.

The following tips will help you to get started.

Check the teen’s credit report together.

It is not a secret that you can simply do this online. At first there should be no credit. Parents should explain that the use of the credit card will be reported to the major credit bureaus, thus any late payment will stay on the credit report for seven years. Teens should know and understand that credit reports are

Top Reasons People Fail When Repairing Their Own Credit

14Reasons people fail when repairing their own credit

#1. Not understanding their rights. The Federal Trade Commission has numerous laws pertaining to credit, credit scoring, credit reporting etc… Understanding these laws and in particular the individual “statues” within the laws help immensely when correcting problems with the three major credit reporting agencies. (Experian, Equifax & TransUnion) Most people simply don’t have the time or expertise to read, study and understand what can be done to improve their credit.

#2. Documenting the entire process of correcting inaccurate information on their reports. It is estimated that up to 80% of Americans credit reports have inaccurate information on them. Documenting when letters are sent and knowing the timeframe the Credit Bureaus and Creditors have to respond is very important. Also, remember to send all documents Certified Mail with a return receipt request!

#3. Being patient during the process. So many people I’ve spoken with over the years simply get exhausted with the bureaucracy of these huge entities. You must be persistent, patient and knowledgeable in your efforts.

#4. Disputing only with the Credit Bureaus. When challenging inaccurate, wrongful or obsolete information

Low Credit Score? Learn 5 Things That Will Cost You More

13It’s a well-known fact that you will have to pay more for some expenses if you have a low credit score. This article will help you to get prepared for these extra expenses as it will tell you the five crucial things that will definitely cost more due to poor credit.

Whether you need a mortgage loan, car insurance or you just want to rent an apartment with low credit, be ready to pay more. The thing is lenders and those who provide financial services literally rely on the personal credit scores to define if a customer can actually pay bills on time. So, if you are one of those who skip paying bills or delay your payments, be ready to become a risky borrower for any lender you apply to. Generally, lenders determine a FICO credit score of 640 and lower as a poor one, thus you will have to pay more for personal loans, credit cards and other financial options. In some cases, you may even not qualify for them, so keeping your credit score on the level of 740 or higher (it’s

Top 5 American Express Credit Cards

12American Express is one of the biggest issuers of credit cards in the world. The company offers cards that are customized to meet the needs of all kinds of customers but mostly they cater to the needs of individuals with high net worth. At present, more than 100 million people around the world use cards that are issued by this multinational financial company. American Express has a very strong presence in most Asian countries including Singapore. It offers a range of credit cards that are very popular with residents of this island nation.

The top 5 American Express credit cards offered in Singapore are as follows:

1. True Cash Back Card – This card has been designed to help people with saving more money when they use the card for their daily expenses. A percentage of the amount spent with the card with be credited back to the cardholders’ account as cash back and so they can save money in the process. The cardholders will need to pay a little more than S$170 as annual fee for the card and they can also opt for supplementary

How to Choose the Right Travel Credit Card

11Travelling is one of the passions shared by most people on this planet. People travel for the purpose of business and to explore new destinations. Traveling provides people with an opportunity to explore new cultures, cuisines and experience new languages. Given that traveling is an integral part of the lives of most people these days, many credit card issuers offer cards that come with a variety of travel benefits.

If you are someone who travels on a frequent basis, you will benefit from applying for a travel credit card as it will provide you with access to exclusive offers, promotions and deals that will make traveling a more rewarding experience for you.

It is a fact that there are too many travel cards available these days and so it becomes a daunting task to choose the right credit card for traveling. Here are a few tips that will help you in making the right choice:

1. A good sign up bonus – most cards come with different types of sign up bonus and in the case of travel credit cards, the cardholders are offered with free air

The Esoteric World of Understanding Credit Scores

9The Jackson family just recently lost their only means of transportation when the family’s SUV engine died rendering it useless. The family’s SUV met its surmise in the morning as the Jackson’s were heading out to work and school. Mr. Jackson, the sole breadwinner, worked as a fireman and was usually dropped off at the firehouse right after their three kids were dropped off at school. On this particular morning the vehicle never made it out of their driveway. The children became frantic as they wondered if they would be able to make it to school. Each kid wanted to know why, what, and how as they inundated their parents with a flood of questions. Mr. Jackson began interrogating Mrs. Jackson about the last time she took the SUV in for an oil change. Mrs. Jackson began to feel as if she was being blamed for the vehicle breaking down and became irate. Mr. Jackson raised his voice as he expressed to his wife the importance of vehicle maintenance. Mrs. Jackson, who was usually always calm, unknowingly began shouting in an attempt to

3 Popular Credit Myths!

10Myth #1: You share a credit score with your spouse.

This is a myth! Both spouses have separate profiles. If you have joint accounts they will show up on both of your reports. If you call your credit card provider and add a spouse as an authorized user then that will also show up on both your reports. BUT, if you have no joint or authorized user accounts then there will be nothing that will affect your score from each other.

I ALWAYS suggest keeping separate credit profiles. The reason is simple. If you have a joint credit card and forgets to pay the bill, then both will incur a 30 day late. This along can easily reduce a score from a 750 to a 650. So there is no benefit to having a joint account. Keep separate profiles in case one spouse makes a mistake.

Myth #2: Your credit score only counts when you’re applying for a loan.

Our score is looked at for almost everything you do, such as:

*Applying for a job
*Applying for auto insurance
*Homeowners insurance
*Life insurance

Don’t fear the past. We all have

How to Improve Your Credit Score to Find Better Employment

7If you know your résumé and cover letters are stellar and you perform well in employment interviews, yet you keep falling short of your goal to be hired in your chosen profession, your credit score/credit report could be holding you back. That is because employers view your credit score as a measurement of how well you fulfill all the financial promises that you made to lenders. It is a known fact that employers want employees with integrity, character and enough social skills that they will fit in well with the employer’s existing team. That is in addition to plenty of industry experience. You could also be held back by the results of a criminal background check, but normally you would know if that were the case.

The average credit score in the US is 705. An excellent credit is any score above 739. If your goal is to secure employment in a profession that pays well, you should be aware that every employment application that you fill out normally authorizes employers to check your employment history, references, background and credit report. Positions with more responsibility

If You Have Bad Credit, You Need to Read This

6Many consumers wonder is credit repair legal? YES, actually it’s your right as a consumer to make sure your credit report is accurate, so there is nothing illegal about it!

There is also a huge misconception that credit bureaus are some type of government entity, they are not. In fact your local bar is just as much of a government agency as a credit bureau. A credit bureau is a business pure and simple, they have one purpose, which is to make as much money as possible. They don’t want to help you- they just want to make money! Making sure you have a low score helps them make cash, how?

Credit bureaus are essentially a lead source for lenders. They get paid by lenders so they can run your credit files when you want credit. They also sell thousands of leads everyday to lenders all over the country.

You know those “pre-approved” credit card offers you get in the mail? Well those are directed to your mail box from information sold by the credit bureau to the credit card companies.

I’ll give you one guess what type

Why We Are Getting EMV Chip Credit Cards


They present reduced identity theft. While copying a magnetic stripe, the current technology on traditional cards, is an inexpensive and simple thing to do, copying a chip is more complicated and expensive. The microprocessor chips are virtually impossible to duplicate. This means thieves can’t simply take account numbers stolen from a breach and emboss them onto the magnetic strip of a random card to make fraudulent purchases at stores or withdrawals at ATMs. Fake EMV chip credit cards are thus harder to make for them.

Though the liability in case of fraud has shifted, the card holder is still protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act. The liability has shifted from the credit card companies to the merchants whose terminal won’t be updated to read EMV chip credit cards. Although the card user still has the responsibility of checking to ensure no fraudulent activity is carried out on the card, they cannot be held responsible for more than $50 charged on the card fraudulently.

EMV chip credit cards that use PINs are universally accepted making it easy for Americans who possess